Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I have hazel eyes,what color eye shadow would work best?

My eyes are the green-blue kind of hazel. They are like a light green and blue.
I have hazel eyes,what color eye shadow would work best?
I think baby pink can look nice...
I have hazel eyes,what color eye shadow would work best?
If your hair is dark, green would look really nice
Reply:I have the same type of eyes and I have found that these colors look best!






and with your eyes some blues may work as well!

I would recommend HiP dual eyeshadows and maybelline eyeshadows!
Reply:you could wear other light browns or creamy colours,green,a light purple or pink would look ok too
Reply:Neutral colors(browns, taupes, ect.) work well for any eye color, and look super natural. If you have pale skin, I suggest to stick with taupe. If you have darker skin, browns would look more natural.

Of course, light colors like lavender and shimmery blue are great for drawing the attention to your eyes. However, I personally don%26#039;t think they compliment the actual color of your iris as well as some can. You could always get an inexpensive brand of eyeshadow and try it out to see how you like it, or go to a Sephora or Ulta, or any other open makeup boutique, and ask the clerks to test it out on you.

I%26#039;ve read a lot of things that say that complimentary colors work best for making the color of your eyes pop. Since you have blue-green eyes, orangey-pink colors would probably work best to bring out the tone of your iris. I haven%26#039;t personally tried this out yet, since I have blue eyes and their complimentary color is orange(a liiiiittle too bold for me lol). But once again, you can always test out the colors for yourself.
Reply:I have hazel eyes too, I use Almay%26#039;s play up the hazel eyeshadow there is 2 different types. I love them.

How do i get into the world of makeup?

i would like to become a makeup artist when i am older, and i would like to know what i need to be one, like what grades and what subjects would be good, as i am going to start A-levels in september and i am picking art as a choice, would that be helpful?

and also what else would i need to become one?
How do i get into the world of makeup?
art wouldnt be helpful don%26#039;t be fooled by the word %26quot;artist%26quot;
How do i get into the world of makeup?
by putting it on everyday to get used to it!
Reply:Im sure theres a beauty/make-up courses you can take at college. If your artistic maybe you could practise on your friends?

What is the work like?

Make-up artists prepare hair and make-up for anyone appearing in front of a camera or a live audience in film, television, theatre, concerts, photographic shoots or fashion shows.

As a make-up artist, you could create anything from a natural look for TV presenters and guests, to period wigs and make-up or complex special effects such as scars and prosthetics.

You could work alone, as an assistant to a senior colleague or as part of a make-up design team. Your work could include:

* researching and designing make-up and hairstyles to suit the production

* working to detailed notes or a rough design brief

* applying %26#039;corrective%26#039; make-up for a natural look

* hair tidying and styling

* fitting wigs, hairpieces and %26#039;bald caps%26#039;

* applying prosthetic make-up to completely change a performer%26#039;s appearance

* keeping notes and photographs to maintain continuity

* standing by on set to re-do make-up and hair

* keeping work areas and equipment clean and tidy.

You would work closely with production designers, costume designers, camera and lighting crew and performers.

What qualifications and experience will employers look for?

Most make-up artists start by taking a make-up or beauty therapy course and getting practical experience, either as a make-up assistant or by working in a beauty salon.

You would find it useful start with NVQ levels 2 and 3 or other certificates/diplomas in general beauty and hair, but you should also ideally take a specialised media make-up course, for example:

* BTEC National Certificate/Diploma in Production Arts (Make-up)

* VTCT Level 3 Diploma in Theatre and Media Make-up

* ITEC Level 3 Diploma in Fashion, Theatre and Media Make-up

* foundation degrees, BTEC HNCs/HNDs and degrees in media make-up

* intensive courses at private make-up schools.

Check with colleges and universities about entry requirements. See the related profiles for information about training in general hairdressing and beauty therapy.

As well as taking a relevant make-up course, you should also try to gain practical experience, build a portfolio or %26#039;showreel%26#039; DVD of your work to show to employers, and develop a network of contacts in the industry.

You can get useful experience through getting involved in activities such as amateur theatre or student film, theatre or fashion shows. You could also try to find paid or unpaid work experience with established make-up artists.

Once you have built up some experience and made some contacts, your first paid work in film or TV may be as a trainee or assistant to the make-up team. You might also find casual work as a make-up or hair %26#039;daily%26#039;, doing hair and make-up for extras in crowd scenes.

What further training and development can I do?

You would learn and develop your skills on the job, by assisting experienced make-up artists.

You may be able to receive training at the start of your career from Film and Television Freelance Training (FT2) Design First, an apprenticeship-style programme for trainees in the make-up/hair, props, art and wardrobe departments.

Places with FT2 are strictly limited. To apply for a place as a trainee make-up artist, you should be aged 18 or over and be qualified to at least NVQ Level 2 in Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy. See FT2%26#039;s website for more details.

Broadcasters and regional screen agencies may offer other new entrant schemes from time to time, such as the BBC%26#039;s Design Training Scheme. Contact Skillset Careers for information on any available schemes.

You should keep up to date with new make-up techniques and materials throughout your career. Short courses in specialist and prosthetic make-up are available at private make-up academies, film schools and some universities. You could also join the National Association of Screen Make-up and Hair Artists (NASMAH) for networking and training opportunities 鈥?see NASMAH%26#039;s website for details.

Visit Skillset鈥檚 website to search for media courses, and for information about how to fund your training as a freelance make-up artist.

What skills and knowledge will I need?

* creativity and imagination

* good communication and %26#039;people%26#039; skills

* a tactful manner

* stamina, patience and concentration

* the ability to work efficiently under pressure

* a high level of attention to detail

* punctuality and reliability

* willingness to work long hours when necessary

* good teamworking skills

* an interest in current and historical fashions.

Which Clinique mascara/foundation should i purchase?

There are so many different types of Clinique makeup, and i want to get the mascara and foundation. which kind should i get in the Clinique family?
Which Clinique mascara/foundation should i purchase?
clinique foundations are awesome.

for the foundation get the clear skin tint because it goes on sheer and provides moderate coverage, whereas it helps clear out any breakouts

for mascara get the long pretty lashes mascara, it does exactly what it claims.

good luck!
Which Clinique mascara/foundation should i purchase?
i LOVE clinique makeup. but since u didnt specify what u wanted like if u had bad skin or clear skin or if u wanted a powder foundation but ill try and help

the BEST mascara clinique has is their high impact mascara

its amazing! http://www.clinique.com/templates/produc...

and as for foundation, if u want a long wear liquid foundation and u have clear skin i would go with the superfit makeup

its very general and has good results


if u have acne or anything like this go with the clarifying makeup clear skin formula foundation. it feels really good on and covers up and treats ur breakouts


since its gonna start getting hot and if u want a liquid than go with the workout makeup all day wear foundation. its longlasting and keeps that matte look throughout the day


if u want just a gneral liquid foundation for combination skin than go with the superbalanced makeup cuz it adds moisture to areas in need and just helkps keep everything in check


if u have oily skin go with stay-true makeup oil-free formula. this stuff is amazing. it doesnt clog pores, keeps a matte finish, and is oil free


if u want a foundation that is really sheer but still gives u coverage and SPF protection than definetly go with the almost makeup SPF 15. this is one of my favorite foundations ever!! i always get it during summer because its sheer but covers and evens out, has SPF in it, its water proof which is awesome, and it feels AMAZING with a great matte finish. i love this foundation


but if u want a foundation like powder for a sheer coverage but a great feeling and matte look than go with the stay matte sheer pressed powder


or if u want SPF in that powder too than get the almost powder makeup SPF 15


hope this helps :]

if it doesnt than go to a store like macys that has a clinique makeup counter and get help from a pro for free


what are good excuses to hide hickeys and hair styles to hide them? thanks.
if you have curly hair straighten it and make sure to have your hair covering it . if you have straight hair than do the same . use foundation i suggest revlon its good and use it to cover up the hickey=]
haha use a frozen spoon and cover with makeup
Reply:how bout u just don%26#039;t get them where they can be seen cuz they are nasty and u wi look like a ho-or are you?
Reply:u should get cover up makeup and curly dark hair
Reply:A little concealer and foundation should do the trick
Reply:just blame it on the heat. say that the heats making you itch it and when theyre looking itch it absentmindedly :P
Reply:first use bare minerals foundations to cover it up. i%26#039;ve tried every concealer in the world and this one is worth the price to cover hickey%26#039;s then make a deep side part and tie your hair in a pony tail right behind the ear of whatever side of the neck the hickey is on. then just let the hair fall on your neck to cover the hickey.

You could also where your hair down either long and straight and full and curly(whichever covers the most neck space) and get one of them cloth hair bands with the long tails and bring the tails around front to cover your neck like this...

Reply:Don%26#039;t let anyone give you hickeys. They are really trashy.

Just use some foundation and cover it up.

If anyone asks say you burned yourself with your straightener or curler.

I have golden-brown eyes, what color eyeshadow would look good?

i have goldish brown eyes too, i find that browns look good but plain so if i want to spice it up a bit i use bright colors like reds or greens
I have golden-brown eyes, what color eyeshadow would look good?
My friend has that color and i think pink always looks great on her. She also wears a golden color. Hope this helps!
I have golden-brown eyes, what color eyeshadow would look good?
i think purple would look really good.

but you have to know how to apply it tho,

so it wont look like you have two bruised eyes.
Reply:I have a really pretty purple eyeshadow.

And my eye color is dark brown.

It looks really nice.
Reply:i would start with the browns first. i guess this really depending on your skin color as well to really tell you what kind of browns to choose.

pick something of a same color as your eyes for blending color then choose something a shade darker then your skin and your eye color and use that for the crease to start.

i hope that helps.

How do you curl your eyelashes without an eyelash curler?

i lost my make up bag! and until i find it, i need a temporary solution for this.
How do you curl your eyelashes without an eyelash curler?
it sounds stupid but use a spoon, a silverware one. heat it up. and use the back side to press up against your eyelashes when look up.
How do you curl your eyelashes without an eyelash curler?
After you put on your mascara (while your eyelashes are still sort of %26quot;sticky%26quot;) use your finger to push them in a curled position. Hold for 20 seconds on each eye. They should stay curled for about a half a day, so do the same thing once they start to uncurl.
Reply:You could try and take your own fingers and curl them yourself. Hold on to your eyelashes then, roll them upward. Then press it down for around 30 seconds. Do the same to the bottom but roll it downward.

Another thing you can do is take your comb (rat tail comb is recommended) and comb out your eyelashes then roll them upward.

You can%26#039;t really curl your eyelashes and make it stay there without a eyelash curler so you might have to do these strategies about every half an hour or so.

Good luck and hope I%26#039;ve helped! 鈾?br>Reply:after applying your mascara use your fingers to push up the eyelashes ( it can get a little messy lol ) to create full lashes and you will look more awake and vibrant!

i do this all of the time.. %26amp; it works like charm.

Makeup Question?

I like a natural make up look - what kind of eyeshadow would look pretty, but not too obvious?
Makeup Question?
browns are always a natural look. the key to a natural look is blending. you want to make sure the colors you use have a very natural gradation. kinda like the sunset sky now it just blends from the red to purple then some orange.

blending blending blending. and use the darker colors the least.
Makeup Question?
You could use a nice brown eyeshadow. It brings out the color in your eyes but at the same time doesn%26#039;t make it too bold and obvious. Don%26#039;t put to much on or you%26#039;ll draw too much attention to your eyes and look too obvious that you want to do so.

You could even try some mineral eyeshadow that are sold at Walgreens or any other drug store.

Good luck and hope I%26#039;ve helped! 鈾?br>Reply:i wear my makeup natural too. i dont wear eyeshadow but my advise would be to put it on as lightly as you could...sorry i cant be more help!!!!
Reply:peach or pink !!
Reply:A light brown-tan on your lids, and a brown on the crease. Try this trio from Covergirl (you can get it at your drugstore and it%26#039;s inexpensive- http://www.covergirl.com/products/produc... it%26#039;s called Cafe Au Lait. ) Hope this helps!
Reply:-Browns, coppers, and light pink eyeshadows look great with any eyecolor. For green eyes, light green shadows and plums look good. Although plum is dark, you could get a light plum to keep it natural.

-Use brown or plum mascara and or eyeliner on the top lashes only.

-A nude or light pink lipgloss.

-Peachy-rose blush on the apples of your cheeks.

-Don%26#039;t use any bronzers or foundation because that looks fake.

Hope this helps!
Reply:I have green eyes also i love clinques %26quot;like mink%26quot; I get a lot of compliments.
Reply:it depends on your skin tone. but i would go with a neutral shade of champagne, which is a light shimmery pink, or a brown,dusty color. use either one of those eyeshadows and apply liner as close to your lashline as possible, and it creates a pretty yet natural look. good luck!
Reply:try browns, plums and apricot looking colors for a more natural look

and for a more daring look try gold or light green(:
Reply:if i were you id use a beige-to-brown eyeshadow and blendblendblend.
Reply:ok well if you like natural i think you should focus on the eyeliner more than the eyeshadow. do an eyeshadow color thats really close to your natural skin tone but still noticeable. dont go too light or else it accents the area underneath your eyes which isnt flattering. put this all over (your lid and the space between your lid and eyebrow) then do either purple or gray in the crease of your eyes to make them pop. because its in the crease and you won%26#039;t be able to see it as much i would reccomend on going darker with that color. for eyeliner do a light brown all the way across the top lid and halfway across the bottom. whatever point you stop at when doing the bottom is the point that looks the widest. using a light brown will give you definition while still looking natural. hope this helps!!

o and another cute summer look would be to use the natural color all over and then take a REALLY bright purple or blue and do a thin line on the bottom of your eyes, sounds crazy but its gorgeous
Reply:You can use any color you like as long as you put it on lightly. My suggestion is to use a soft pinkish purple that has glimmer to it all over the lid, adding a little more right under the brow bone for a healthy shine then use a medium to dark purple just in the outer crease of the eye for dimension, finishing off with mascara. I%26#039;d skip eyeliner altogether if you want the natural look.

La Bella Lightening Hair Gel?

I know i%26#039;ve asked this a little while ago, but has anyone here had sucess with it. Is it safe on dark hair because i really don%26#039;t want orange hair

Thanks a bunch

Color of eyeshadow for brunettes?

green would be cute,

not too dramatic of

a green though.
Color of eyeshadow for brunettes?
browns, pinks, soft purples.
Color of eyeshadow for brunettes?
ok im a brunette and wear like a tanish brownish color, my friends do too, (there all brunettes) and my mom is a brunette and wears light blue and sometimes like an olive/light green color and brown/tan so I SAY BROWN/TAN
Reply:Brown, golish colors, most anything neutral or warm color shades work best.




lime green:








smokey eye:


natural eyes:


these all look lovely on either brunetters, blondes, red, or anywhere in between! hope this helps you :-)
Reply:a little shimmery maybe a little dewy copper eye shadow, not a powder, know what i mean?
Reply:Purples are gorgeous.
Reply:i used shades of brown, or green, or even purple....no blues though...try out a virtual makeover at www.marykay.com you can pick which model is most similar to your skin tone and eye color and try on different shades to see what it looks like.
Reply:What colour eyes do you have?
Reply:i have brunette colour hair and hazel eyes ; I use different colours like pink ,purple, blue n green I also use a blusher as eye shadow!!

if you are looking for a new colour just try some on if you like that one get it and wear it!!