Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I have hazel eyes,what color eye shadow would work best?

My eyes are the green-blue kind of hazel. They are like a light green and blue.
I have hazel eyes,what color eye shadow would work best?
I think baby pink can look nice...
I have hazel eyes,what color eye shadow would work best?
If your hair is dark, green would look really nice
Reply:I have the same type of eyes and I have found that these colors look best!






and with your eyes some blues may work as well!

I would recommend HiP dual eyeshadows and maybelline eyeshadows!
Reply:you could wear other light browns or creamy colours,green,a light purple or pink would look ok too
Reply:Neutral colors(browns, taupes, ect.) work well for any eye color, and look super natural. If you have pale skin, I suggest to stick with taupe. If you have darker skin, browns would look more natural.

Of course, light colors like lavender and shimmery blue are great for drawing the attention to your eyes. However, I personally don%26#039;t think they compliment the actual color of your iris as well as some can. You could always get an inexpensive brand of eyeshadow and try it out to see how you like it, or go to a Sephora or Ulta, or any other open makeup boutique, and ask the clerks to test it out on you.

I%26#039;ve read a lot of things that say that complimentary colors work best for making the color of your eyes pop. Since you have blue-green eyes, orangey-pink colors would probably work best to bring out the tone of your iris. I haven%26#039;t personally tried this out yet, since I have blue eyes and their complimentary color is orange(a liiiiittle too bold for me lol). But once again, you can always test out the colors for yourself.
Reply:I have hazel eyes too, I use Almay%26#039;s play up the hazel eyeshadow there is 2 different types. I love them.

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