Tuesday, March 24, 2009


what are good excuses to hide hickeys and hair styles to hide them? thanks.
if you have curly hair straighten it and make sure to have your hair covering it . if you have straight hair than do the same . use foundation i suggest revlon its good and use it to cover up the hickey=]
haha use a frozen spoon and cover with makeup
Reply:how bout u just don%26#039;t get them where they can be seen cuz they are nasty and u wi look like a ho-or are you?
Reply:u should get cover up makeup and curly dark hair
Reply:A little concealer and foundation should do the trick
Reply:just blame it on the heat. say that the heats making you itch it and when theyre looking itch it absentmindedly :P
Reply:first use bare minerals foundations to cover it up. i%26#039;ve tried every concealer in the world and this one is worth the price to cover hickey%26#039;s then make a deep side part and tie your hair in a pony tail right behind the ear of whatever side of the neck the hickey is on. then just let the hair fall on your neck to cover the hickey.

You could also where your hair down either long and straight and full and curly(whichever covers the most neck space) and get one of them cloth hair bands with the long tails and bring the tails around front to cover your neck like this...

Reply:Don%26#039;t let anyone give you hickeys. They are really trashy.

Just use some foundation and cover it up.

If anyone asks say you burned yourself with your straightener or curler.

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