Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Makeup Question?

I like a natural make up look - what kind of eyeshadow would look pretty, but not too obvious?
Makeup Question?
browns are always a natural look. the key to a natural look is blending. you want to make sure the colors you use have a very natural gradation. kinda like the sunset sky now it just blends from the red to purple then some orange.

blending blending blending. and use the darker colors the least.
Makeup Question?
You could use a nice brown eyeshadow. It brings out the color in your eyes but at the same time doesn%26#039;t make it too bold and obvious. Don%26#039;t put to much on or you%26#039;ll draw too much attention to your eyes and look too obvious that you want to do so.

You could even try some mineral eyeshadow that are sold at Walgreens or any other drug store.

Good luck and hope I%26#039;ve helped! 鈾?br>Reply:i wear my makeup natural too. i dont wear eyeshadow but my advise would be to put it on as lightly as you could...sorry i cant be more help!!!!
Reply:peach or pink !!
Reply:A light brown-tan on your lids, and a brown on the crease. Try this trio from Covergirl (you can get it at your drugstore and it%26#039;s inexpensive- http://www.covergirl.com/products/produc... it%26#039;s called Cafe Au Lait. ) Hope this helps!
Reply:-Browns, coppers, and light pink eyeshadows look great with any eyecolor. For green eyes, light green shadows and plums look good. Although plum is dark, you could get a light plum to keep it natural.

-Use brown or plum mascara and or eyeliner on the top lashes only.

-A nude or light pink lipgloss.

-Peachy-rose blush on the apples of your cheeks.

-Don%26#039;t use any bronzers or foundation because that looks fake.

Hope this helps!
Reply:I have green eyes also i love clinques %26quot;like mink%26quot; I get a lot of compliments.
Reply:it depends on your skin tone. but i would go with a neutral shade of champagne, which is a light shimmery pink, or a brown,dusty color. use either one of those eyeshadows and apply liner as close to your lashline as possible, and it creates a pretty yet natural look. good luck!
Reply:try browns, plums and apricot looking colors for a more natural look

and for a more daring look try gold or light green(:
Reply:if i were you id use a beige-to-brown eyeshadow and blendblendblend.
Reply:ok well if you like natural i think you should focus on the eyeliner more than the eyeshadow. do an eyeshadow color thats really close to your natural skin tone but still noticeable. dont go too light or else it accents the area underneath your eyes which isnt flattering. put this all over (your lid and the space between your lid and eyebrow) then do either purple or gray in the crease of your eyes to make them pop. because its in the crease and you won%26#039;t be able to see it as much i would reccomend on going darker with that color. for eyeliner do a light brown all the way across the top lid and halfway across the bottom. whatever point you stop at when doing the bottom is the point that looks the widest. using a light brown will give you definition while still looking natural. hope this helps!!

o and another cute summer look would be to use the natural color all over and then take a REALLY bright purple or blue and do a thin line on the bottom of your eyes, sounds crazy but its gorgeous
Reply:You can use any color you like as long as you put it on lightly. My suggestion is to use a soft pinkish purple that has glimmer to it all over the lid, adding a little more right under the brow bone for a healthy shine then use a medium to dark purple just in the outer crease of the eye for dimension, finishing off with mascara. I%26#039;d skip eyeliner altogether if you want the natural look.

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